North Indian Cooking Class with Donia

North Indian Cooking Class with Donia

Cooking class/demo and dinner with Donia Gulati. Learn how to make butter chicken masala, palak paneer, raita, cumin rice, masala chai tea. Cocktail demo with Ardit utilizing spices, flavors and ingredients commonly used in India. 

$50 per person | Taste all courses, one cocktail, tea, complimentary dessert, booklets with step by step recipes to take home. 

Limited seating available | Call 773-857-2890 to reserve your seat


Petra's Recession Seven

Petra's Recession Seven

"Petra’s Recession Seven is, for me, a glorious return to the great principles of swinging jazz...lovely melodic embellishments and admirable team playing over a rocking rhythm Mainstream that looks back to the great Thirties recordings of Billie and Mildred...Her voice is lovely on its own, but I take special delight in her handling of lyrics...she feels the music in her bones and her delight in the pulse and the repertoire is obvious."

-Michael Steinman, Jazz Lives


"Petra van Nuis' voice is at once alluring and robust. Her tone alternates between delicate playfulness and declarative strength, perfectly suiting the combination of hot jazz and standards on Live In Chicago, an enchanting portrait of her band, Petra's Recession Seven. And oh, what a band it is—capable of captivating backing as well as exciting soloing."

-Jack Huntley, All About Jazz


"With a blazing start, Petra’s Recession Seven jumped right in on the first song, "Runnin’ Wild," with a high-energy live presentation...This was not take 5 or 10, as in a recording studio. There’s a feeling about this jazz album that it’s all about the music, as a motivated and enthusiastic group effort... It’s a killer of a band that grabs your attention and doesn’t give it back until they’re finished playing. Vocalist Petra van Nuis is a jazz stylist that uniquely handles lyrics with respect for what they convey, massaging them to personalize the lyrical messages. To see her in person must be a wonderful experience, to see how she physically presents the emotions heard in her vocals."

-Harvey Barkan, LA Jazz Scene & the American Rag (published twice)


"Do you like music that is sheer fun? If so, you must latch onto "Live in Chicago"...They make their retro style sound fresh. Their musicianship is first rate, and they swing mightily. Van Nuis is a vocalist from whom I hope to hear a lot more. If Chicago style jazz suits your taste, this one will be right for you. "

-Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz