Join us for our third monthly Unity in Diversity dinner. The Alani  and the Phillips families have come together to showcase their common love for food and family, and share their old and new traditions with us. 

For the Table:

Hummus, tabouleh, haloumi, cheese, pita bread.


Boreg with Ground Beef 
Potato Latkes


Beef Brisket 
Chicken Beryani

Klecha — date cookies
Coffee in samovar. 
All proceeds benefiting Khaled Haj Khalaf and his family. Refugees from Aleppo, Syria. Having spent the last five years in a camp in Turkey, they're finally making Chicago their new home. Khaled is also a baker by trade, and he will prepare the baklava and cookies for the dinner. His cookies and desserts will be featured at our wine store every Fri, Sat, Sun. 
$55 per person (not including tax or gratuity) | Optional zero proof cocktails and Israeli Wines available

Despite these recent time of perceived division, in our hearts we are all more similar than different. And perhaps nothing better illustrates this than the fact that every family has matriarchs who share their love via stuffing us full of food.

To bring us back together, Southport and Irving is planning a series of immigrant perspective pop up dinners, informal and family style, that include neighbors and acquaintances both new and old. 

From Mexican to Latin American and Indian, African-American, Middle Eastern, Jewish and Iraqi, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Irish, and Polish. All are an extension of our staff's food memories of family meals both present and days gone by.

What brings us together is greater than what drives us apart. We are a nation where a multitude of ethnicities, backgrounds and flavors all melt together and these dinners are intended to showcase that zest of life from across the globe. Oh…and we’ve asked our mothers, grandmothers and aunts for the recipes: family secrets have definitely been spilled!


Second Dinner: Shkodër, Albania

By: Myzejen & Ardit Dizdari

Menu highlights:

Apps: Qofte (kefta, lamb and veal meatballs), Japrak (stuffed grape leaves), Petulla me Kunguj (zucchini fritters); 

Mains: Tavë Peshku (fish baked in a tomato-garlic-prune sauce), Pite me Spinach (spinach pie),  Tavë Kosi (braised lamb baked in yogurt); 

For the table: mediterranean olives, salad, cheese, yogurt-cucumber sauce. 

Dessert: Baklava


First Dinner: Jalisco, Mexico

by: Berta Navarro (former owner of Cafe 28) & Yoli Martinez (our very own brunch chef)

$55 per person | all profits to benefit: Mujeres Latinas en Accion 

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